Last week I was in Portsmouth, filming a piece for the next series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’. I’m not allowed to say who the celebrity is yet, but suffice to say they were charming and made the whole process very easy and enjoyable.

Each time I have been asked to take part in this programme, it is not in Kent. When I was involved in the Sue Perkins episode, I had to travel to Cornwall. Even when I was involved in the Sarah Millican episode several years ago, despite her having Whitstable ancestors and visiting the town to try on an old diving suit at the museum, I had to go all the way to Berwick on Tweed to meet her! The celebrities are only told the story piece by piece, so every day is a surprise – it must be absolutely draining.

It is always interesting to see how each piece of a television programme is put together, and the crew from Wall to Wall productions work so hard to get it right. I am only worrying about the piece that I am involved in, but they have about a week of filming to plan and organise. Not an easy job at all.

When I know the date that ‘my’ episode will be aired, I will let you know.

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