Last night I had the pleasure of visiting the Herne Bay Seaside Museum to do a talk about James George Beaney, the man who gave his name to the well loved Canterbury Library (aka The Beaney).

Herne Bay Seaside Museum, based in 12 William Street, has a really good collection of talks lined up for the coming months, they are really worth a look:

Wednesday 6 March ‘Who was Beaney’, The Man Behind the Beaney Museum –Margaret Lewis

This talk will shed a lot more light on the man who gave his name to the Library in Canterbury. The Beaney is a building that many of us walk by regularly but most know little if anything about the man. A very flamboyant character, the story of Beaney’s life is a real rags to riches saga. At the end of the talk the audience should know a lot more about him and can decide for themselves whether he was a generous benefactor or an egotistical murderer!

Wednesday 3 April The Brides in the Bath Murder in Herne Bay, The 1915 Trial Re-examined – Alan Porter

One of the victims of the brides in the bath murderer is buried in Herne Bay cemetery. What is the story behind her death?

Friday 26 April   Pudding Pans – Michael Walsh 6.30 for 7pm

Please note: this talk is at Herne Bay Junior School and is FREE, donations welcome

For further information see our news item Pudding Pan, a Romano-British Shipwreck and its cargo in context

Wednesday 15 May – Amy Johnson, Solo Flight from England to Australia –Jane Priston
17 June – Telly Go Round –Herne Bay Rotary Club

The Telly Go Round has sat on Herne Bay Seafront for decades, but just what is the story behind it?

Monday 9 or Wednesday 11 September TBC– Swimsuits – Judith Dore, Kent Costume Trust
Wednesday 9 October – The Geology of Herne Bay  – Geoff Downer